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Windows are the transparent, almost non-existant spaces, between inner and outer. They remind us that the walls we put up to divide our inner world from our outter world are creations of our mind. The text on the windows, to be read in multiple combinations and directions, illustrates how language lies between this barrier, a way of communicating our outter world into our external reality. Using watercolor on paper, I created a large painting, writing every day in tape and painting over it in color. The layering was so thick that the paper began to rip, creating white, language-like marks. I cut up this drawing, and placed it behind parts of the windows. 

Window Book 2.jpg
Window Book 5.jpg
Window Book 6.jpg
Window Book 4.jpg
Window Book 3.jpg
Window Book 9.jpg
Window Book 2.jpg
Window Book 7 .jpg
Window Box 1.jpg
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