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In this installation, I worked with relief prints taken from two doors I found abandoned at a neighbour’s skip. The prints began as parts and were eventually assembled into a whole. Over the course of a year and a half, I carved into these doors, scratched into them, and added layers of glue using parts of my body.

The images I carved were all connected to the body - mostly its insides. The images were inspired by parts hidden beneath the surface, behind doors, parts rarely seen by the naked eye. I printed from the panels, again and again, each time adding new layers. The result was an installation of the door in all its incarnations. By the time it was installed, it was no longer a door, but a mass, a portal, a sea of information rising up from the earth. It began to inhabit a space that doors could not, it assumed its importance, becoming a growth, an unstoppable force representing the unbroken cycle of life and death.

In carnate.jpg
Incarnate1 copy.jpg
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