During the lockdown I’ve been working on
I've been creating a daily sketch on car
For sale as part of @artistsupportpledge
Days 1-33 counting the lockdown are up o
let it grow .
First of four large prints from the (fou
Biggest plate to date
Grief .
"Late night pacing to the tune of your b
Thanks @sopfhe for these great photos fr
From recent show @strange.parade w/ @jul
Up close and personal with a selection o
Can’t Touch This (Installation View), Re
Tonight @strange
Went a bit wild on the @intaglioprintmak
Thanks @london.art
Spent the end of 2019 slowly setting up
Collaboration is fired and down to Londo
Candles in the studio. .
All packed up and ready to go! ⁣
We did it! 3 days to go and our project
Yesterday was the first day of a collabo
A few final photos from Still Here at @n
Was also really thrilled to have won a s
WCPF is now over - but here is a photo o
Great last few days at the new @goldtapp
We had a great time last week at Holocau
Come out to WCPF to see this work on dis
Through the studio door…⁣
⁣#repost @julietfleming⁣
Printing these enormous ones today on tu
Another one from "Still Here" with @alic
In the studio working on "TAKE A SEAT" f
Detail shot thanks to @mattpickering10 f
I spent the past week at Cove Park sketc
Had an incredible time at @rabbitsroadpr
"Just this" is all rolled up for wonderf
First time in the press
Thanks to everyone who came out to the P
Arrived in Gateshead to begin installing
Prepping for tomorrow's PV @newbridgeboo
Thanks everyone who came out on Thursday
Arrived in Gateshead to begin installing
Prepping for tomorrow's PV _newbridgeboo
_Repeat as necessary_ by _julietfleming
Tomorrow! See you in the library! (Insta
Instal has begun in the library for _Ins
In our studio preparing for Open Studios
Layering experiment for _Inspired by the
Opens drawer, discovers trauma
Great collaboration day last week at BAC
...and the moon to blood
Continuing work on _The Trauma Documents
The Trauma Documents (_And we never saw
15.05.19_BAC_SLRDocu_Day2_21 (2)
Getting all messy today testing Collecti
...and the moon to blood
Great beginning to some collaborative in
Great start with mokulito course today a
Back during _collectivestudionbp intensi
Stills from a wonderful colab day with _
I’m definitely a maximalist
All bundled up for a crit last week w Em
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at _newbr
Continuing work on _The Trauma Documents
B R E A T H_B E C O M E S_B O S S _from
B R E A T H from work in progress “shit
Excited for this colab w _tischleryael
Wood becoming integrated with body = spl
A loose kind of holding ._._._._
t e l l  m e _Spoils of today_ a pair of
Happy to have received these fragments f
An old print for an old friend. ._._._
d e e p e r
c a n t_t e l l
Scans of some drawings from Corris and m
Di - dis - displace - displaced - displa
Further prints from the series “One and
 seven _Touching but not touching ._._
One and one_._._._._._
Having a lot of fun with these tree stum
runes . ._._._._._
d e e p e r
An extra sticky monotype for day 344 in
All chalked up and ready to carve_._._
 two ._._._._
 six ._._._._
“One and One” _Installation _September 2
Had a great time at _listhusartspace the
Having a lot of fun with these tree stum
 five ._._._._._
runes . ._._._._._
Open studios coming up! 1-3 June _euroar
A little pitch to check out my work on _
New planchest and everything that came i
Finishing up Incantation Holes in prepar
pallete 🎨
late night messy printing
the sun came out this morning
studio desk
day one hundred and thirty three in Ólaf
Unpacking a new set of mismatched letter
Studio days #summer #ink #studio #sweat
Carving away
Cutting paper
Come say hi tonight in the unit 4 lofts
Thanks to this family who let me go a little wild with their front door
Finishing up Incantation Holes in preparation for open studios _euroartstudios 1-3 June - come visit
Had a great time visiting some other studios at _euroartstudios and special thank you to _crowdillon
Open studios coming up! 1-3 June _euroartstudios #print #printmaking #printmaker #printerly #install
New planchest and everything that came in it. I’m exhausted from dragging 10 drawers around but now
A little pitch to check out my work on _society6 where you can buy ridiculous things like this for y
Hanging out
Four wall prison
Incantation bowl in progress
Dreams of late
Appear - disappear #woodcut #reliefprint #foundobject #thebody #installation #performanceart
#wip #studio #relief #wood #printmaker
When part of the wood is still wet
Another light specific installation
Got home, cleaned up. Well, cleanish
“Landing III,” 2018
No printing for me after a 20 km hike. Sitting and sketching is good atm
Thank god for portable practice
Another day another gate
Around and around
Another rendition of “Bilingual,” Relief print, 2018
Slate state
Drying another experiment
When I look down #print #installation #reliefprint #dryingrack #stairs
Same wood, new image
Hanging out
Beneath the floorboards
#mixedmedia #wip _ #stiwdiomaelor with #reliefprint #carandache and #penandink #drawing
3 + 1
Light specific installation
“Bilingual,” Relief Print, 2018, work in progress
Now on the wall since the other prints dried. Looking forward to trying this again on a better piece
#wip #studio #relief #wood #printmaker
When part of the wood is still wet
Floor collage
 one of my favourite #wips and #witches _witchy_femme_fatale #print_
_It's Someone Else's Shit Again!_ 2018, printed with some ink I've been holding onto for 2 years in
Last year's birthday present soon became a graveyard
Folding in on myself
Master of light..
Thanks _shacklewellartsfair for the post. Come visit this Sunday _shacklewellarms 1-8 for affordable
Afternoon light
And forgetting to watch myself.jpg.jpg
Post-performance structure
The dying practice
Landscapes #monotype #carandache #geography #somethingness
Seeing what these different planks look like side by side
Teeny tiny etchings
#wip Body print (feet) and sharpie on faux wood shelf
Self portrait with scissors
Woodcut in progress
Shells in white spirit
Some of my favourite print moments and happy accidents from residency _obs_tavira #residency #tavira
Old relics from old performance finally up on the wall
Old letterpress tests, rediscovered
_Never Mind,_ detail of hand printed monotype
_Seek a Stinging_ (monotype from drypoint) _#etching #drypoint #monotype #printmaking
Paper sculpture
Resolution for coming year is to really up my sketchbook practice. By which I mean actually use a sk
Collage continued
Found some found wood.jpg Very happy
Sketching in the form of a monoprint
Into the earth
30 minute balasana solar print from my old garden door. Painful until my legs went numb and it felt
Hanging planks, overlapping
Detail #solarfast #fabricprint #bodyprint #printmaking
Insert reflection
Allllll carved up and ready to print!
42! The last one in the edition
Boxset prep
Birthing time
Finally printed this guy. Back for term #6...Gearing up for degree show
Sketchy sketchy ghosty ghosty cntd
Feet in clouds head on the ground
The practice of watching myself
Testing some overlapping #drypoints
Pillow poetry
Can't wait to print you
Frames of frames of frames of frames
A room of One's Bone_Installation from woodcut and fabric prints _Dimensions variable _May 2017
Garden printing relics
New languages
A book, printed from a book, about a thread that gets lost somewhere
Patching myself up because apparently my nose looks phalic, said my tutor
Sketchy sketchy ghosty ghosty
Play time
I scream, you scream
Blessed with mess
#printonwall #monotype
What happens when..
london map
screenprint adventure
map with keys
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