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Born in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, I was looking at art from a very young age. Early experiences in the City Museum and with the Impressionism collection at the St. Louis Art Museum mean that large-scale, immersive installation and the work of the Impressionists have heavily influenced my practice. 


Another direct influence on my work has been my experience of land and land ownership. I was born and raised on Osage, Quapaw, Očhéthi Šakówiŋ, Kiikaapoi, Kaskaskia, and Myaamia Land. My ancestors come from Germany, Poland, Ukraine, and Russia. My maternal grandparents were forcibly displaced or murdered in the 1940s following over 400 years living in Germany. My paternal ancestors have lived in Memphis, Tenessee for five generations. My work is influenced by my experience of searching for home within landscape, and relating to land as both coloniser and colonised.  


I currently live in London, UK where I have a studio at Cubitt Studios in Angel, Islington. In my work, I mark time spent in real or mythical places – days, months, or seasons spent at studio, residency, home, or on land. My practice evolves organically based on new experiences of time and place, as new bodies of work take shape. 

Body-printing from found glass and wood, I create large-scale installations. I carve into the surfaces of found objects, drawing from memory, dream, and reality, to prepare them for printing or assemblage. The resulting imagery, inspired by the natural world, extinction, myth, and time, is collaged into wall-based and sculptural work. As the prints accumulate in the studio over months or years, I play with them, variably editioning, replicating, disrupting, allowing them to lead me.

I integrate drawing into the printing process itself, both with my body and with writing implements and objects. This fluid mark-making hints to the bodily nature of the process and the marking of time. I showcase the work alongside or inspired by photographs and films collected from my day-to-day life and journeys. 

Exploring notions of trace, trauma, and the impact of our bodies on the earth, my work is immersive and contains high levels of detail on closer investigation. Scale is integral as I aim to create a sense of wonder and invite the viewer to pursue new understandings around our bodies and their contexts. 

You can download my current CV here.

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