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In August 2018, I journeyed to a residency at Listhus Artspace in Ólafsfjörður, Iceland. The town, located in the far north of Iceland, has a population of 824, and its main industry is fishing. Walking through the town, the sharp smell of dead fish catches you as you walk between industrial buildings exposed to harsh winds. During my week in residence at Listhus, I created three hundred and sixty-five prints. The digital installation of these prints, seen below, is a meditation and a performance on time and its capacity to expand and on space and its capacity to constrict and isolate.  During winter, there is no way out of Ólafsfjörður because the access tunnels are blocked by snow. In summer, with its endless light and open roads, Ólafsfjörður still carries the weight of isolation. This project is a continuous exploration of the studio as prison, and the mind's controlling and confining nature.  

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